women empowerment


The aim of this department is to assist women in the villages to be spiritually and economically empowered in order to help their families and in the development of their communities. This is achieved by teaching women the word of God, and building skills that promote their economic status by introducing sustainable small businesses such as sewing, cooking and poultry.



Women have been taught the skills to sew which helps them to support their families economically. Some of them have acquired the skills and are able to start their own businesses which have improved their livelihoods


bible study

We believe that the word of God is necessary for changing the lives of the people. Through these bible studies, most women have given their lives to Christ, marriages have been strengthened and hope has been restored in the lives of many.


widows care

We care for widows by giving them basic needs, helping them with their household chores as well as building them houses if their house is not in good shape.