leadership development


Chiefs are well respected in Malawian communities. Their influence has a great impact towards the development of any community. It takes a visionary leader to effect the community for greatness. Because chiefs are an important part of our ministry, we have introduced a program on Leadership Development. This program aims at training chiefs in leadership skills as we invite people of different calibers to speak at chief’s conferences. We have Traditional authorities, lawyers, doctors and police who have come to such conferences to speak on different issues that affect the chiefs in their leadership.



The biggest resource in development is the willingness of the people to work together in dealing with issues affecting their community. Our communities are blessed to have such people that work tirelessly in combating the issues affecting them. They are also blessed to have leaders that are willing to serve them until the end. The training aims at equipping the leaders especially chiefs with skills on how best they can serve their communities. As such we have chief’s conferences periodically where all chiefs come together and discuss such issues and provide ways on dealing with them one by one.



There is power in togetherness and there cannot be a success story is accompanied by team work. As there are many challenges in the villages we realize that it the work of all of us to be successful. We also realize that where there are people misunderstandings are inevitable. Therefore, we make it intentional to bring the leaders together so that they can help one another and learn from each other. We deliberately create recreational moments where chiefs and leaders will come together relax and spend time discussing any other life issues as well as share experiences. Sometimes we create visitations to different villages far and different tribe to in order to create that learning environment which is different from their usual place.



In mentorship we would like to create a platform where chiefs can be vulnerable and accept that they are humans and they need one another. By this we want to provide them with role models. We would like to connect them with people and leaders that have sacrificed so much for their people. We want these chiefs to learn from such leaders in any form that will help stir their perspective of leadership when they personally spend time with such achievers. Our hope is that such great role models will challenge their thinking and way of doing things which will improve their community for the better.