Health Ministry


Healthcare in Malawi and its limited resources are inadequate to fully address issues of medical supplies and prevention of the common diseases such as Malaria, scabies and asthma. Our clinic’s aim is to provide supplement medical help to the people in the villages where the government is unable to reach. We also reach out to the people who cannot afford private hospitals especially in Chipampha and the surrounding villages. One way we have been able to reach out to such people is through our monthly mobile clinics which sees about an average of 200 people per clinic.


Mobile clinics

With the struggle in the health sector, our mobile clinics help people of low income to access health services at a low cost. We see thousands of people every time we have these clinics


health talks

These talks are mainly on how people can access medical services, how to prevent diseases like HIV, and malaria as well as family planning. We also distribute mosquito nets during the months of high mosquito presence.



We have worked with the organization called life water international in implementing a wash program. This has helped reduce child mortality rate from waterborne diseases.