education ministry


Most primary schools that Live Love works with in the local communities of Lilongwe district are highly affected by high dropout rates which are influenced by several factors. These are child labor, early marriages and cultural practices. Gule Wankulu, as a cultural dance, takes away children from school since it is expected of them to be initiated as young as 9 years old. Traditional practices lead to early marriages causing, most girls to lose interest in school.. For child labor, both boys and girls leave school and work as domestic servants due to poverty at home. With these factors in mind, one can see that the future of these young men and women are not promising. However, one of the goals that we have as an organization is to educate one at a time because we believe that education is a key to success.


Sponsorship program

Live Love is aware to the needs of the people in the communities that they work with and beyond. Therefore, this strategy has been put in place to identify students who are intelligent and underprivileged so as to help them with their tuition fees. This program not only helps those that are being sponsored but also motivates those in lower classes to work hard as they see the older ones being sponsored. Currently, we have managed to help about 30 students from primary, secondary and college and we would like to increase the number of our sponsored students to 20+ in all levels of education..


Afterschool program

This strategy has been put in place as one way of keeping primary school students motivated for school at a tender age. Every Tuesday afternoon, Live Love staff and African Bible Colleges students invest in these learners through tutoring, mentoring, and acting as role models to keep them motivated so they can work towards their dream. We use different incentives to keep them in school.