children’s ministry


Our mission as an organization is to bring a holistic transformation in the lives of the local communities through meeting different needs in their lives. One of the needs that Live Love seeks to meet is the spiritual aspect of the children’s life. And God being a no respecter of age, we are committed in reaching out to the young generation through children’s ministry.



Every Thursday’s and Fridays we meet with the kids for Bible studies in the villages that we serve as per proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way to go whilst they are still young and even whey are old they will not depart from it”. We also have a good time with the kids by having outdoor activities after every Bible study and since most kids cannot afford to celebrate special events like Christmas and Easter in their homes, we help them celebrate through hosting these big events and it’s always a great joy for us to see the happiness in their eyes.



We help guide the children in their career development and everyday life. Young men and women in the village aspire for greatness as they are motivated by real life stories of Live Love staff who have mostly been raised in similar homes like them yet God has shaped their life beyond their expectations. We have witnessed, a drop in cases of early marriages and pregnancies due to Mentorship programs.